Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally back up and running!

After almost two weeks of nail biting and phone calls back and forth with my computer guy, I finally found out that my computer (less than a year old!) is going to survive :-) Thankfully, we were able to get all of my documents, pictures, music, and everything else of importance onto an external hard drive. I try not to dwell on the "stuff" in my life, because lets face it-it's all replaceable, but the more time without my computer, the more I realized just how much of my life I keep on it. I took away a great lesson from all of this, and will try to not be so dependent on technology. Buuutttt...if I absolutely have too I will most definitely be backing all of my stuff up from now on!

Even though I haven't had my computer, I've still been cooking like crazy. I've written up most of the recipes already and am going to be uploading the pictures, etc. to the blog soon. It was my birthday this past weekend, and I came up with some great recipes for the small family barbecue we had. I can't wait to share them all with you guys. They're so simple and perfect for summer.

As for today, I'm back in the garden finishing planting all of my herbs and veggies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get anymore freezing nights, because I've already lost quite a few and had to start over. I have strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and three types of carrots growing right now. They are looking great except for my carrots that keep getting dug up by either a bunny or raccoon at night! I also have all the basic herbs like cilantro, basil, oregano, etc. Also, for the first time this year I planted something called Fenugreek. It's a common spice used in Indian cooking, which I love to experiment with, and also has numerous health benefits. I'm excited to see how they all come out and am looking forward to cooking with such fresh ingredients!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tweet Tweet...

Just set up a twitter account and made my first tweet ever! Blogging is foreign enough to me, let alone twitter so stay tuned and hopefully I can reach out to more people than I already have. My twitter name is @thegreenplate so feel free to add me and take advantage of more gluten and dairy free tips/recipes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day Festival 2010

This past weekend my mom and I went to an outdoor festival in Boulder celebrating Earth Day. There were a lot of great vendors showcasing how to live a green, healthy lifestyle, which is right up my alley. One in particular that I wanted to share with everyone was Bora Bora bars. I was able to talk to their general manager and find out more about what they do and it's pretty neat! They are gluten free/vegan/kosher, and have no refined sugars or GMO’s. They taste amazing and can be found all over. Although it's hard to choose I would have to say my favorite is the Volcanic Chocolate Banana-it’s a must have. Check them out at:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grilled Chicken and Apple Panini with Goat Brie

Spring has sprung here in Colorado, but there is still a nip in the air once the sun goes down. I've been itching to get out and fire up the grill but what's a barbecue if you can't sit outside and enjoy it? I decided to try for the same effect by grilling chicken tonight on my panini maker. It is easily one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. The chicken was extremely easy to prepare, and not to mention quick and easy clean up! If you don't have a panini grill-I suggest you invest in one; trust me you will get more use out of it than you'll know. Please try this recipe and I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as mine did.

As far as the great cheese debate goes, depending on how sensitive you are to dairy, most people who can't have cow's milk can digest goats milk much easier. Personally, I can't have any cows milk. It tends to be much higher in preservatives and higher in protein so your body has trouble passing it. I will get sick if I have to much goat or sheep cheese, but in moderation I've found it to be OK. Buen Prubechu! (Enjoy your meal) and stay healthy.

Grilled Chicken and Apple Panini with Goat Brie:
2 boneless and skinless free range chicken breasts

4 slices of gluten free bread of your choice
Mixed greens
Apple-thinly sliced
Goat brie
Sriracha (optional) 
Garlic Powder
Salt and pepper

Placing your chicken breasts between saran wrap, pound meat with a tenderizer until flattened. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder on both sides to taste and place on your panini grill and on low grill for about 2 minutes depending on thickness. While chicken is grilling, in a bowl add equal parts Vegenaise to mustard and if desired add 3 or 4 drops of Sriracha. Combine them together, then spoon generously over your gluten free bread. Slice your apple as thinly as possible and place a few slices on the side of bread with the "aioli". If tolerated, slice your goat brie and place over your apple. Add a generous amount of mixed greens over cheese, then place your warm chicken on your greens. Put second piece of bread on top and brush with olive oil. Place olive oil side down on the panini maker and brush the other side as well. Close your panini maker and let your sandwich be pressed for about 5 minutes or until your cheese is melted. Serve with the side of your choice, and enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet

It's starting to get warm here in Colorado and my family has started itching to get going on spring cleaning and gardening. Today my mom and I began working in our garden laying mulch and planting herbs. We came in for lunch and then my mom went to the ice cream parlor down the street and got both she and my dad a giant cup of creamy ice cream. Since I can't have dairy-I spent my break eating a carrot watching as they indulged in their crazy ice cream flavors. My dad had Jack Daniel's and my mom had a salted caramel. I personally love chocolate, and right about then could really have gone a cup. After finishing that day I came right in and whipped this recipe together. This is unlike any chocolate sorbet I've ever had. First of all-it does not taste like sorbet. It tastes more like heavy cream was used rather than water. It is extremely rich to say the least, but I promise it will fulfill any cravings you get for chocolate. I love raspberries and chose to use those for this recipe, but you can substitute any berry, crushed mint leaves, or nuts, of your choice. It all depends on what you're in the mood for. Divertiti! (Enjoy your meal) and stay healthy.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet:  
3 cups of water
1 cup of cane sugar
3/4 cups of cocoa powder
A pinch of salt
6oz of dark chocolate*
1 1/2 tsp of gluten free vanilla
1 1/2 tbsp of chocolate syrup**
1/2 cup of frozen organic raspberries

Bring your water to a boil. Whisk in sugar, cocoa powder, and salt. Bring the mixture off the heat and add your chopped dark chocolate, vanilla and syrup. Once everything has melted into a smooth consistency, pour into a glass bowl and place in refrigerator to cool down. In the mean time, have the ice cream maker in the freezer freezing. Once mixture has cooled, add to frozen ice cream maker. Turn ice cream maker on and while it's churning add frozen raspberries. You have to add the fruit towards the beginning before the sorbet starts to freeze. Once everything is mixed, you can serve it as is at the soft serve temperature, or freeze overnight for a stiffer consistency. Drizzle with warm raspberries and enjoy!

*I use Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate-72 percent cocoa content. Supports a great cause and is gluten free and vegan to boot! (

**The syrup is optional. It just gives a richer consistency but can be left out. I used Santa Cruz Organic Syrup in Raspberry flavoring for this recipe. It's both gluten and dairy free. (

Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick and Fresh Personal Pizza's

I enjoy being gluten free more than I had ever expected, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there is still certain things I miss. Everyone thinks that you would miss the food the most, but I found the hardest part for me was the convenience of staying in and being able to order out. Whether it's pizza, chinese, etc. it's nice to have those nights where you don't have to put much thought into a meal and can just eat after a long day. I remember when I was 11, my parents bought pizza stones and that was the start of our experiments with the pizza making process. We would have parties and provide crusts for everyone with an array of different toppings and let everyone go to work on their own personal pizza. Those memories all rushed back when I was in Whole Foods and saw Udi's pre-made gf/df/sf/nf pizza crusts. I normally try to make my recipes from scratch but I figured I'd come up with something quick, easy, and that the whole family could do, just like mine used to. Not only is this pizza much healthier than your local pizza joint, but it's extremely fun to make. Provide different toppings to suit everyone's individual taste and you're sure to have a pleased crowd. Smacznego! (Enjoy your meal) and stay healthy.

Pre-made gluten free pizza crust of your choice (I use Udi's)
2 cups of cherry tomatoes 
1 cup of Daiya pre-shredded dairy free cheese
1/2 tbsp of each-dried oregano, red pepper flakes, and rosemary
Pinch of salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. In a bowl, combine your cherry tomatoes and spices. Crush with a mashed potato masher to the consistency of your choice. I like tomatoes so I kept them in bigger chunks. Now, take your crust out of the freezer and brush it with olive oil. Coat crust with a thin layer of cheese to help tomatoes stick. Then spread tomatoes evenly on crust and top with remaining cheese. I like to keep mine simple and top with fresh basil but now is when you can add the toppings of your choice. Pop in the oven for 8-11 minutes or until edges are brown then enjoy.